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Two convenient HB 300 Training Choices for your Healthcare Facility...
Train privately with one of our HIPAA Experts:     
2020 HIPAA TEXAS HOUSE BILL 300 PRIVATE Webinar Training with Required Documents by HIPAA made EASY™      $329                                               

  • (60) Minute PRIVATE webinar for your Team. Scheduled at your convenience
  • New 2020 Employee Training that will fulfill Texas HB 300 requirements
  • Downloadable Required Paperwork regarding Operations, Maintenance and Protection of ePHI & EHR
  • Quick - streamlined and easy to implement

New HB 300 Employee Training Webinar to fulfill your 2020 obligation for compliance if you need HB 300 update / HB 300 renewal. As of September 1, 2012 all Texas Healthcare Providers will be required to have in place the stricter HIPAA requirements (House Bill 300 / HB 300) set in place by Governor Rick Perry. This bill mandates stricter Patient Privacy Protection and enforces stronger penelties for violations relating to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Protected Helath Information (PHI). This is what is included: (60) Minute Private webinar for your Team. Scheduled at your convenience Employee Training that will fulfill Texas HB 300 requirements Downloadable Required Paperwork regarding Operations, Maintenance and Protection of ePHI & EHR Job Specific Notation & Tracking of EHR within your office Downloadable Hi Tech Law Packet that coordinates and interfaces with this new mandate Questions? Contact us via Amazon if you have questions or need guidance. It is our pleasure to help you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this product to ensure it is the proper fit for your training needs. This product is ideal if you are looking for: software, training, tutorial, business legal forms. We support Amazon's return policy of 30 days from date of shipment for unopened and unused products.


   Train at your Leisure  with our CD-ROM:

HIPAA Made Easy™ Texas HB300 Certification Pack – 2020 HIPAA Compliance Employee Training Manual for Healthcare Providers – Training Video, Forms – Updates and Support Available           $249    

  • THE PERFECT SOLUTION: HIPAA is all about protecting sensitive and personal health information, providing multiple safeguards for patient safety. The HIPAA Made Easy 2020 Texas HB300 compliance pack was designed to ensure proper employee training and make sure you stay on the right side of auditors!
  • WHAT YOU GET: This comprehensive training pack includes all necessary paperwork, employee training video and forms requested by auditors, in a user-friendly CD-ROM or portal format, requiring minimum tech resources for rapid access.
  • USER-FRIENDLY STYLE: This HIPAA compliance manual was designed with a smooth, easy to understand style and comes with fully customizable office protocols and procedures, to fit your office needs. Obey the HIPAA key principles and provisions without any complications!
  • PREMIUM UPDATES & SUPPORT: The HIPAA Made Easy employee training packet comes with customer support and qualified experts, maximizing information intake and getting the best out of your training package with no additional costs.
  • HB300 MADE EASY: The HIPAA Privacy Practices brought about major changes in Texas healthcare providers’ law since 2012. The HIPAA Made Easy compliance package provides accurate and complete information, everything your team needs to know for full compliance and renewed standards.

    IMPORTANT TIP:  If your HIPAA Manual is more than 5 years old...  

    You may want to consider ordering a new, updated version that sites current Federal law.               Our HIPAA made EASYtm HIPAA Manual is designed all of these extras:

    • Page-navigation instructions that guide you with fill-in-the-blank tutorials for ease of understanding and use in using this manual! 
    • 5-year organizer for storing and filing important HIPAA signature contracts. 
    • 30-minute Federal HIPAA Employee Training Video with the generalities of HIPAA definitions and common practices within the healthcare workplace.
    • eForms Packet of common HIPAA forms to customize for your office    Make sure to order your new HIPAA made EASYtm HIPAA Manual with your HB 300 Training for a complete compliance and peace-of-mind.

                                                  HIPAA made EASYtm

                                 COMPLETE PACKAGE to new

    Federal HIPAA Omnibus Rule Standards


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    Be in Federal Compliance too!
    2019 HIPAA COMPLETE COMPLIANCE PKG By HIPAA Made EASY includes HIPAA Compliance Manual, Training Video, eForms to Omnibus Rule Hi Tech Standards

    • WHAT YOU NEED: When it comes to the proper education and training of medical & healthcare providers, the implementation of HIPAA is definitely a must. Stay on the right side of the HIPAA auditors with this complete compliance package by HIPAA Made Easy!
    • COMPLETE PACK: This comprehensive communication guide includes the 5 essential components requested by the private auditors: HIPAA Manual written to Omnibus Rule Standards / Final Rule, Portal Access to Required Ready-to-Use / Updated Forms, Portal Access to HIPAA Employee Training Video / HIPAA Employee Certification, Portal Access to HIPAA Required Report Templates, HIPAA Checklist of Facility Requirements.
    • EASY IMPLEMENTATION: The 2019 HIPAA compliance manual is written in an easy to read style and provides easy to understand guidance in order to comply with HIPAA key provisions and protocols.
    • NON-STOP SUPPORT: Unlike similar products on the market, the HIPAA Made Easy package provides 24/7 support with fully qualified experts, making sure you get the most out of your manual.
    • ALWAYS BE INFORMED: Our online portal provides constant updates on latest changes, keeping you in touch with form modifications, deadlines and more. The 2019 HIPAA Omnibus Rule Complete Compliance Package is the perfect self-guiding and cost-effective solution!

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