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We research and develop HIPAA & OSHA products for the healthcare arena.  Our dedication in this area spans 2 decades.  Our research and development is continual to keep up with the changing State and Federal mandates and regulations.  Depending on your needs, we'll can provide the following:

  • OSHA & HIPAA Video Employee Training
  • Private Webinars hosted by our OSHA & HIPAA Experts
  • Regulatory State & Federal Forms supplied on CD-ROM or eForms
  • OSHA & HIPAA Manuals
  • All Required Employee & Office OSHA & HIPAA Paperwork
  • State Mandated HIPAA Reform (HB 300)
  • Telephone and email consultation for your specific needs

Go with the team that's committed to your OSHA & HIPAA success...

                             OSHA made Easy™ 
                HIPAA made Easy™

QUESTIONS?:    Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone should you have any questions prior to ordering any of our products.  We are happy to help guide you in making the right HIPAA product training choices for your office.  Contact HB300.net Customer Service: 
                       call:  941-587-2864   or   emailanswers@hb300.net


HB300.net in coordination with HIPAA made EASY™ provides legally useful HIPAA compliance information, products and services but does not give specific legal advice.  By purchasing and using these products and services, you acknowledge that HB300.net in coordination with HIPAA made EASY™ is not an attorney and suggests that for resolution of specific legal problems you would  contact an attorney specializing in these areas and licensed to practice law in your particular area.

This material is made available for individual purchase by healthcare personal for formal training purposes only. All information was prepared from sources deemed reliable and  subject to change because, HIPAA law is continually updating.  This presentation is property of
HB300.net in coordination with HIPAA made EASY™ and cannot be reproduced in whole or part without expressed written permission.        
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